Development Changelog


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  • [general] [feature]

    This is an example change. Please copy and paste it - for valid tags please refer to in the docs directory. pullreq should be set to the appropriate pull request number and tickets to any related github issues. These will be automatically linked in the documentation.

    References: #101, pull request 101

  • [general]

    Refactor docker_base to use inversion of control so that it can more strongly and easily ensure consistency between various implementations (GCP implementation to come). This also includes teasing apart the several batch prep steps (weather, assets, and jobs) into their own methods so they can each be more easily understood, shared, and maintained.

    References: pull request 421

  • [general]

    Refactor AWS code so it can be shared by the upcoming GCP implementation.

    References: pull request 422

  • [general] [bugfix]

    A bugfix for gracefully handling empty data_point_out.json files.

    References: pull request 426