What’s new in buildstockbatch 2023.01.0

About this Document

This document describes changes between buildstockbatch version 2022.12.0 and buildstockbatch version 2023.01.0


This version should be backwards compatible with previous versions of buildstockbatch. The default version of OpenStudio was changed to 3.5.1, so if you require an older version, make sure it is called out in your project file.

See v2023.01.0 Changelog for details of changes since the last version.

Residential HPXML Workflow Changes

Two new optional arguments were added to the Residential HPXML Workflow Generator: timeseries_num_decimal_places and include_timeseries_unmet_hours. See Residential HPXML Workflow Generator for details about their usage.

Schema Updates

No schema updates this time.