What’s new in buildstockbatch v2023.10.0

About this Document

This document describes changes between buildstockbatch version 2022.06.0 and buildstockbatch version v2023.10.0


This version should be backwards compatible with previous versions of buildstockbatch.

See v2023.10.0 Changelog for details of this change.

This update primarily addresses bugfixes and issues with the Local and Eagle implementations. Updates to support Kestrel and AWS will be part of future versions.

Schema Updates

The constraint on the minutes_per_sim key under the eagle section of the schema was relaxed from two hours to eight hours. This change is backwards compatible as it makes an existing validation constraint less restrictive. It is now a required inputs, whereas it used to default to 3.

An optional max_minutes_per_sim argument was added. If it is present, if any particular simulation takes longer than the amount of time specified, it will be terminated.

Residential HPXML Workflor Generator Changes

Updates were made to workflow generator arguments to add new detailed_filepath and include_timeseries_resilience arguments, see Residential HPXML Workflow Generator for details.