v2023.10.0 Changelog


Released: 2023-10-17


  • [general] [feature]

    For the Residential HPXML Workflow Generator, add a new detailed_filepath argument for pointing to user-specified TSV file of electricity tariff file paths. The TSV file can contain utility rates mapped by State, or any other parameter.

    References: pull request 382

  • [general] [feature]

    For the Residential HPXML Workflow Generator, fixes new include_annual_resilience argument to true and adds a new optional include_timeseries_resilience argument that defaults to false. Also fixes new include_annual_bills argument to true and include_monthly_bills argument to false.

    References: pull request 383

  • [general] [bugfix]

    Removing broken postprocessing tests.

    References: #385, pull request 387

  • [general] [bugfix]

    Introduce ‘*’ as a valid option name in options_lookup.tsv to indicate a parameter that can take any option and don’t need to pass arguments to measures. Enables buildstock.csv validation for ComStock without blowing up the size of the options_lookup.tsv file.

    References: pull request 384


  • [comstock] [workflow]

    Remove default addition of SimulationOutputReport from ComStock workflow generator to avoid multiple instances when also included in YML. SimulationOutputReport measure must be included in YML to be added to workflow.

    References: pull request 399


  • [eagle] [bugfix]

    Updating validation for Eagle output directory to include /lustre/eaglefs directories.

    References: #393, pull request 397

  • [eagle] [bugfix]

    No longer errors out with a “no space left on device” when using the weather_files_url on Eagle.

    References: #390, pull request 398


  • [postprocessing] [feature]

    Upload buildstock.csv to S3 during postprocessing

    References: pull request 365


  • [feature]

    Allow fractional eagle.minutes_per_sim for simulations that run less than a minute. Making that it a required input.

    References: #377, pull request 396

  • [bugfix]

    No longer automatically downloads the appropriate singularity image from S3. Also added validation to ensure the image is in the correct location.

    References: #256, pull request 386