v2023.05.0 Changelog


Released: 2023-05-24


  • [general] [feature]

    Remove docker dependency for local runs.

    References: #300, pull request 349

  • [general] [feature]

    For the Residential HPXML Workflow Generator, fixes all include_annual_foo arguments to true (except for include_annual_system_use_consumptions which is fixed to false). Also fixes include_timeseries_system_use_consumptions to false.

    References: pull request 363

  • [general] [bugfix]

    Fix an issue with schedules datatype that was causing the crash of postporcessing at the final step.

    References: #352, pull request 355


  • [comstock] [changed] [eagle] [validation]

    Allows up to 8 hours per simulation in the minutes_per_sim validator under the eagle section of a configuation YAML. This is required to allow long-running ComStock models to be segmented into their own YAML to allow for more efficient use of HPC resources.

    References: pull request 350


  • [workflow] [feature]

    Avoid unnecessarily validating the HPXML file twice after having slightly changed the residential_hpxml workflow.

    References: pull request 353


  • [resstock] [deprecated] [workflow generator]

    Removing the residential_default workflow generator and adding a validator to eagle.py to ensure the output directory is on a Lustre filesystem directory.

    References: pull request 370

  • [resstock] [openstudio]

    Updating default OpenStudio version to 3.6.1

    References: pull request 368


  • [feature] [validation]

    Enforce Athena database name and table name to follow strict alphanumeric only naming convention.

    References: pull request 362

  • [feature] [validation]

    Add a references section in the yaml schema to allow defining the anchors at a single place.

    References: pull request 366