v2022.10.0 Changelog


Released: 2022-10-28


  • [general] [feature]

    For ResStock the OpenStudio version has changed to v3.4.0.

    References: pull request 281

  • [general] [feature]

    Add basic logic validation that checks for incorrect use of ‘and’ and ‘not’ block. BSB requires at least python 3.8.

    References: pull request 295

  • [general] [feature] [eagle]

    Added ability to resubmit failed array jobs on Eagle.

    References: pull request 304

  • [general] [feature] [eagle]

    Now reruns jobs where the job.out-x is missing entirely.

    References: #305, pull request 306

  • [general] [housekeeping]

    Migrated CI to GitHub Actions.

    References: #223, pull request 267


  • [comstock] [local]

    Changes the default commercial workflow generator to mimic the residential workflow generator, where a new timeseries_csv_export key was added to the workflow schema in order to trigger timeseries postprocessing. Changes the CLI commands to work with OpenStudio 3.X when custom_gems=True. Enables use of custom gems in local docker runs by installing to local docker volume.

    References: pull request 238


  • [workflow] [feature]

    Add ability to calculate emissions using the residential_hpxml workflow.

    References: pull request 259

  • [workflow] [feature]

    Add ability to calculate simple utility bills using the residential_hpxml workflow.

    References: pull request 303

  • [workflow]

    Add residential_hpxml workflow generator.

    References: pull request 208



  • [postprocessing] [feature]

    Postprocessing can partition the data before uploading to s3 and Athena. This allows for faster and cheaper queries. n_procs argument is added to eagle spec to allow users to pick number of CPUs in each node. Default: 18 partition_columns argument is added to postprocessing spec to allow the partitioning. Default: []

    References: pull request 275


  • [bugfix]

    Postprocessing can correctly handle assortment of upgrades with overlaping set of columns with missing and non-missing values.

    References: pull request 271

  • [bugfix]

    Fixes bug that would cause sample weight to be incorrect on the HPXML workflow.

    References: pull request 282